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Retriever Training

We offer a number of retriever training programs available for all skill levels.

Getting Started
  • Basic Obedience

  • Introduction to Retrieving

  • Introduction to Birds

  • Introduction to Guns

  • Line Manners

  • Learn the Basics correctly

Reliable Singles

  • Learn to Use Nose and Eyes

  • Work With the Wind

  • Work in Varying Terrain

  • Learn Scent Discrimination

  • Develop Confidence and Perseverance

Advanced Fetch and Hold Skills

  • Dependable, Business-like Retrieving

  • Prompt Return and Delivery

  • Proper Bird Handling

  • Establish a Good Working/Learning Attitude

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Training in Texas

Preacher, Make'n a splash!

Beginning Handling - Pre-Senior

  • Stopping on Whistle

  • Three-Handed Casting

  • Basic Handling Drills

Intermediate Handling - Pre-Master

  • Precision Stopping

  • Sharpen Casting Skills

  • Advanced Handling Drills

Multiple Marks

  • Work in Challenging Terrain

  • Work at Longer Distances

  • Work with Wind (downwind/into the wind marks)

  • Learn How to Handle Drag-back Scent

  • Learn Diversion Marks

  • Learn Delayed Marks

  • Honoring

retriever training
Handler's jacket - $60
Whistle lanyard - $40
Training hours - hundreds
Communication - priceless!

Advanced Hunting Skills

  • Quartering

  • Trailing (cold and hot)

  • Honoring

  • Duck Blind Manners

Private Lessons

  • by appointment only

  • training/problem solving assistance at all levels

Hunt Test and Field Trial Procedures

  • Handler Responsibilities

  • Sportsmanship/Courtesy to Other Entrants

  • Hunt Test Rules/Field Trial Standard Procedures

  • Responsibilities of Marshalls, Judges, Hunt Test Committee

Advanced Handling Skills - Master Tests/Field Trials

  • Refined Line Manners

  • Require Absolute Steadiness

  • Advanced Multiple Marks - back pocket, in-line, inverted triples

  • Out-of-order Flyers

  • Retired Guns

  • Poison Birds



Contact us at 815-210-4837 or at johnandnancyminer@yahoo.com
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