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Golden Retriever Puppies


8 OR 9

Rooster is sire of nearly 40 Master hunters, Open All Age Qualified,Derby pointed and OTCH Offspring!

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Listed below you will find kennels whose breeding programs are based on responsible values and accountability. These breeders keep the Golden Retriever standard in mind, as well as the health, temperament, trainability, and well-being of each individual dog that they place.

High Times Magicgold's
Gotcha Covered MH WCX

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"Gotcha Chronicles"

High Times
Play's to Win

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"Trumpet's Travels"


High Times Godwink JH

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"Wink's World"

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Ken and Joan Damron's  puppy "Bomber"


Puppy Pick-Up Day 2010 (Kit x Bumper pups)

Seven - officially known as
OTCH, U-CDX High Times Winning Combination, UDX5, OM6
earns Obedience Trial Champion

Seven truly is a very special dog. Our journey began in John and Nancy's backyard pond. As a puppy, she demonstrated that she was a born leader and swimmer at the age of seven weeks. I picked her up on what one would consider to be the luckiest day ever, 7-7-07, hence her name “Seven.” Little did I know that day the true meaning of being the luckiest person ever. She continued to thrive and flourish. At twenty-one months, she went on to gain High in Trials in both AKC and UKC obedience at the Novice level. We then went on to win 1st at the UKC Premier for the Novice level soon after that. Seven continued on to the Open B and Utility B levels placing in the B classes for each level, and soon after obtained the UDX title. She has gone on to obtain multiple UDX titles and Obedience Master level points as well as earning more High In Trials and High Combine awards from the Open B and Utility B levels. She is currently on OM7 of her Obedience Master title and we hope to earn the OGM.  On September 15, 2013, we earned the prestigious title of Obedience Trial Champion. Seven is my second OTCH dog and the journey has been one I will never forget. Seven is a joy to live with, show and love. I am so proud of all of her accomplishments. Thank You John and Nancy for breeding this special dog and to Bridget Carlsen for helping choose Seven and for always providing me with great training advice.


A Tommy X Kit puppy
1 year old, making a 21-foot "big air" jump at a Dock Dog Event.
(handled by owner Bob Amen)

Kymin with some of her ribbons
owner - Laura Turner
Kymin is a Hawk x Molly Puppy

John Miner's "Flyer"
at 8 weeks

High Times Home Grown Tomata
AKA "Mata"
owner - Sharon West

Ken Damro & Bomber - 2013
A Kit/Bumper Puppy

High Times Allegro Con Brio





Contact us at 815-210-4837 or at johnandnancyminer@yahoo.com
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