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Wink's World

Wink was born on October 2, 2018. She was truly a "GODWINK" in every sense of the word. 2018 was a tough year for John and myself, both of us being diagnosed with serious (but treatable) illnesses and John undergoing an 8-hour major surgery. 

We had our names in for a puppy to be born in California, which didn't work out as the mom didn't conceive. John's surgery was October 15, 2018, just 13 days prior. Wink's litter was born in Minnesota; we had no knowledge of her birth.

Both John and I were very disappointed that we were not to get a California pup and consequently called Kaye Fuller to ask if she knew of any field golden litters available.  This was the day before Thanksgiving 2018. Kaye said "well yes" Roger is right now in Minnesota picking up a puppy sired by his Sudden Sandy Max***MH and a really great field girl, "Brassfire Echo of Scandia**MH.

We immediately called the breeder and he had female pups for us to choose from. We were on our way at 5:30 am the day after Thanksgiving. So - her name ... "High Times GODWINK".

11/26/18: She picked us within five minutes of our arrival, and the rest is history. One month later Wink was in route to Texas with us for her first winter training trip.

5/18/19: Wink came back home to Illinois ready and willing to earn her JH, getting her first 2 legs at 6 1/2 months old and finishing  her JH at 7 months.

7/8/18: Wink is now 9 months old ... Finished with her back pile work on land and water and her two handed back drill with overs added and is ready to progress to a 4 sq. "T". Also doing land and water doubles.


Click here for Baby Wink retriever at 7 weeks (YouTube)

Click here for Wink's water double at 7 months (YouTube)

Click here for "Wink Past the Point" (YouTube)

Click here for "Wink Over the Point" (YouTube)


High Times Godwink JH

Knox & Cory, Winkie & Nancy (l-r)
7 months old

Winkie (front) and brother Knox (left)




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