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High Times Big Dog Daddy ** CDX MH  "Bump"

Golden Retriever Stud

Bumper's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Bumper ..... is from what we affectionately call our: "Limited Addition Litter" -- The one and only litter born to his mother:
INDY** UD MH, sired by: 13 year old "Rooster"*** UD MH. A breeding many years in planning to capture the health, strength and longevity of our founding dogs. The essence of our breeding program rolled into one unique little dog.

Bumper is solidly built with a strong front and rear assembly, a straight hard topline, a masculine pleasing head and all of his teeth Bumper is 23" tall at the shoulder and approx.68 lbs. A dynamo in the field ..... Very Fast ..... Very Intense ..... Very Focused. 

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He finished his first Lis. Qualifying at 18 months with a jam. He followed that at 2 1/2 with his Master Hunter Title, not long after (before his third birthday) he jammed again and then followed that with a Qualifying Placement. Bumper has qualified for and will run his first master national in California at the tender Age of 3 years and 4 months.

Equally at home in the obedience ring, Bumper earned his CD with two first places and one second place. Here too ..... his style and presence make a statement ..... he clearly loves to work, learns quickly and retains his lessons. The future looks bright for Bumper.

We Are Proud To Be Able To Offer Bump As A Stud


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Contact us at 815-210-4837 or at johnandnancyminer@yahoo.com
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