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High Times Zippity Dodah** MH WCX (Dodah)

Golden Retriever Stud

Dodah's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Dodah has been amazing since he first arrived on our doorstep!  Originally sold to a home that his breeder, Char Sorrentino, didn't feel was the correct home for this talented puppy. She bought him back and John and I offered to take him and find him the perfect home, LOL.  He RAN up our driveway and he" WAS HOME! " Right from the get go he demonstrated, super style, focus, biddability, and water courage coupled with excellent marking. Dodah cruised thru junior and senior, then ran seven master tests passing all seven and qualified for the 2015 master national - ALL BY THE TENDER AGE OF 2 YEARS OLD. Shortly after that jammed an all breed qualifying. A good looking 70 lb. Boy with a really big heart!

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