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Goldenloch Maxmillian of Schmidty's Cove MH WCX (Max)

Golden Retriever Stud

Max's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Max came to Miner's kennel as a year old pup. He was purchased by his owners as a hunting dog and a pet. (the biggest and blondest pup in his litter) But ... talent won out as his owners were witness to his love of the retrieve! 

Max quickly earned his junior hunting title and shortly thereafter his Senior hunting title. 

As his owners watched his desire for the game grow they made the decision to give Max the opportunity to reach his full potential. Max would go on to the Master level and run with many of the top hunting retrievers in the country.

Up to the task - Max grew with great focus and style! Marking ability, memory and water skills and completed his Master Hunting title with ease.

Now Max is looking forward to running in his first Master National competition in St. Louis in 2016 an exciting time in his life.

Contact Max's owners at  blackwoodschmidt@icloud.com or 972-768-7239.

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