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Kanosaks Keep Your Eye On The Ball MH "Rookie"
Owner - Sue Barrick - Tamarack Goldens
  Email: barrick.susan@gmail.com   Phone: 815-398-7115

Golden Retriever Stud

Rookie's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Truly a multipurpose Golden Retriever! JH and CD at age 1, SH and CDX at age 2,  MH at age 3, passing 5 of 8 tests with John Miner. He became at UKC CH in one weekend, going Best In Show both days.  He was also a certified therapy dog, and volunteered in hospice work. His favorite venue, however was field work. Always a focused, enthusiastic partner, excellent marker who rarely needed handling on a mark. Extremely biddable, never knowing what venue he was getting in the car for, but ready to go none the less. On/off switch living in our home with multiple dogs and grandchildren. A true gentleman.

  • 23 inches, 172 lbs.

  • Full dentition

  • Excellent black pigment

  • Moderate coat, Medium gold

  • Beautiful temperament

  • Everything a golden should be

  • Rookie would add bone and size to the field line, and drive and desire to the conformation line.

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Contact us at 815-210-4837 or 815-883-4218 or at miners@minerskennel.com for information.



Contact us at 815-210-4837 or at johnandnancyminer@yahoo.com
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