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UCD Rio Spirits Lonestar Firewater MH CDX GN RE BN AX AXJ XF WCX VCX DE CGC CCA (ZiegenBock, aka Z)

Golden Retriever Stud

Z's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Z is a beautiful and amazing dog with an incredible work ethic and desire to please.  He is strong, focused, smart, and willing to do whatever is asked of him.  He is a very quick study.  He thrives on working and being with his people.  His temperament is focused and alert in training and loving with all creatures 2-legged and 4-legged.  He is very serious when training, but is a clown at home, always entertaining, always asking to go play ball, and prefers to put his head in a lap while watching TV. 

Z earned his Master Hunter with John and Nancy Miner and qualified for the Master National in 2013 before 3 years of age.  He wowed everyone with his serious focus, love for the retrieve and biddable nature.  He is a very strong water dog and an extremely powerful retriever.   

Even though we still train hunt at least once a week because Z loves it so much, hunt tests have been put on the back burner while Z works on obedience, agility, and dock diving.  Z went from zero agility training to being in the ring in 4 months.  In less than a year of limited trialing in agility, Z worked his way from Novice to Excellent.  He is currently competing at the Master agility level. He has earned his CDX in obedience and will start competing at the Utility level in February 2016.  High-level obedience is new for Zs owner/handler. He makes it look easy!  Z is the first Golden Retriever to earn an AKC Dock Diving Elite Title - 5 jumps over 24 feet.  His best was 26.  He loves the water and has a very impressive entry! 

Z is a very striking golden retriever.  He stands 23.5 tall with a moderate build, as called for in the golden standard.  He is very muscular.  A canine masseuse said massaging him is like massaging a rock.  He has a light blonde, moderate, straight/slightly wavy coat with nice undercoat.   He has a very beautiful masculine golden head broad back skull, square muzzle and correct ear set.  His topline is very strong and level. He is very balanced with nice front and rear angles and a beautiful neck.  He has dark pigment that fades a bit in cold weather.  He has full dentition with correct bite, and a little bit of a light eye.  He earned his CCA with nice scores. 

He has sired one litter of 10 pups (5 girls; 5 boys) in April 2015.  Several of them are in training for field and agility and are doing very well.   

Located in the Dallas, TX area.  At stud to approved bitches. For more information, please see: www.spiritsgoldens.com.  

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