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MACH High Times Cool Hand Luke CD (Luke)

Golden Retriever Stud

Luke's Pedigree and Genetic Information

Luke's middle initials are 'RTG.'  He is Ready To Go, eager to learn, and ready to perform at anytime.  With an alert and happy attitude, he is especially excited and focused on the start line of an agility course, or waiting for the signal to retrieve the bumper in the field.  He is 22 3/4 inches tall, weighs 58 pounds and runs in the 24-inch agility class where he earns placements 90% of the time.

Luke earned his way into the AKC Agility Nationals competition in March 2011 at the very young age of 2 1/2.  He had 3 clean runs catapulting him into the finals where he was the youngest competitor.  He earned his MACH in June of 2011 before his third birthday and is closing in on MACH 2 less than a year later.  Luke also earned his CD in 3 straight trials with blue ribbons every time. 

Luke is beautiful to behold, too.  He has a rock solid topline, good angulation front and rear and a very masculine appearance with lush feathering and full dentition.  This beautiful conformation is what gives him that extra edge in the athletic venues of agility and field work.

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