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Magicgolds The Fifth Element MH WCX (Willie)

Golden Retriever Stud

Willie's Pedigree and Genetic Information

The Miners have had Willie for the better part of two and a half years. Willie took to our basic program readily. We found him to be smart, biddable, and an excellent marker, (which speaks volumes on his focus). His water attitude takes a back seat to none, he enters hard and happily and is a strong swimmer. Always ready and willing to work with you. He took to hand signals and advanced control quickly and easily and in our opinion is an excellent handling dog. Willie's joy of life shows in his every performance.

Willie's temperament is secure and kindly and has never shown any signs of agressive behavior.

Structurally Willie represents what the breed standard calls for. He has a strong hard topline, with proper tail set, excellent breath, width and depth of chest, well laid back shoulders and beautiful neck. Both front and rear angles show a very balanced dog. Willie has a very masculine head with proper earset, a kindly expression and full dentition.

To our knowledge the Manusos have done all clearances including all the optigen clearances.  

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